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Convenient to Cincinnati and Dayton, Professional Psychiatric Services provides a full range of mental health interventions, including medication and mainstream psychological therapies, for children, adolescents, and adults between 6 and 70 years of age. Whether you need a little help dealing with life's stressors or major assistance dealing with anxiety, attention deficit, mood disorders, addictions, or other serious psychological conditions, we develop strategies and deliver treatments aimed at

  • Reducing stress and increasing coping skills to make life easier
  • Improving social and familial interactions
  • Fostering healthy lifestyles
  • Increasing proficiency in school
  • Removing psychological barriers limiting career potential 
  • Mapping progress and preventing recurrences

We can administer treatments to individuals, couples, or groups. Our experienced professionals will collaborate closely with you to evaluate psychological needs, define personalized therapeutic strategies, carefully map recoveries, and provide follow-up care as long as needed or desired.


Professional Psychiatric Services Offices 
6402 Thornberry Ct., Mason, OH 45040